MGT Accounting

Crunching numbers is her game

Accounting can be a great profession for work/life balance. However, as any accountant knows, that is not the case during “busy season”.

“We say at a fraction of the cost, as a small or medium-sized business we will help you with compliance”

Mashudu Tshakhuma is a qualified Chartered Accountant and founder of MGT Accounting and Consulting Chartered Accountants. She has built her accounting firm almost exclusively through word-of-mouth marketing. 

When did you register your company and how did that come about?

I registered my company in 2015 when I realised that I needed to pursue my own business. It was at the end of 2016 when I decided that I would rather pursue my business on a full time basis.

Was your family worried when you quit your job?

People around me were very worried because business can be unpredictable. However, as a Christian, I believe a lot in prayer and in God. So it was more like God is guiding me to be full time in business.

Tell us about your services. 

We say at a fraction of the cost, as a small or medium-sized business we will help you with compliance, payroll, bookkeeping, tax, financial management and we can do consultancy for you.

What are the telling signs business owners should outsource their accounting?

If your business is growing at an unexpected speed, it may also mean money is flowing in and out faster than before. 

What could be the ramifications of neglecting compliance?

When you neglect compliance, SARS will come after you and say you haven’t submitted. There are other things you need to comply with: for instance, you need to submit your CIPC returns. If you are registered with any other regulators you need to submit with those regulators.

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